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I just feel lucky. I didn't know exactly what to say. He lived until the age of 90. Damone still doesn't believe it. How did you actually learn French? I will open the door. Harris doesn't carry much cash. I know you'll make the right decision. We came to the conclusion that we should help him.

Education helps to mold character. I study about two hours every day. Did the plane crash? Would you like to listen?

I've done all I can here. The enemy is stupid: they think we're the enemy, when they are! I'd like to go cycling.

Blair really loves playing the guitar, but he doesn't like singing. He has a great fancy for travelling. I was kind of nervous. We want to talk to you about that. You weren't that great. After graduating from college my brother went to the United States for the purpose of doing further research.

Don't pick at me. Wendi was getting a little fussy. Matthew is going abroad next year. It's impossible to me.

I bought a sandwich. What am I supposed to eat?

Don't bother me with such trifles. She can speak Spanish, much more English. Do you think you can handle this problem?

Why don't we take him a bottle of wine? Pamela all but accused Jinchao of being a thief. Winston did exactly as he was told. I met her on a certain winter day. Lindsay has just come home. Alvin should get going. Thierry said he would buy it.

I'm calling to complain about something. We can't avoid putting off our departure. Did you know this already? That's an old Russian custom.

It has a pleasant odor. He began to suspect something was wrong when the seller didn't allow him to test the item before buying it. I have no idea where he is at present. I stayed home all day long reading novels. Who ordered you to do this? Heidi said he'll pick you up from practice tomorrow. What is your citizenship status?

The beach is the ideal place to play for the children. Irfan seems unhappy. Brad ate pancakes for breakfast. Why are you still awake?

We were disconnected. He dropped in to see us. Neal helped me a lot with that. The volcano erupted several years ago. Do those guys go to your school? Stewart has her back to us. By all means. Hume told Micah not to use baby talk when talking to their little daughter. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Who is this tall blond man?

Do you see any policeman over there? He paid the money back. Suzanne might be a traitor. Celia will find a place to live soon enough. Sergio waited for Jordan to sit and then sat down next to her. He argued that the new policy was bound to drive the economy into recession. She's multilingual.

We will do it. Do you want to buy it? Thomas is just the man I was looking for.

He failed in business, and to make matters worse, his wife fell ill. Experts say that's unlikely.

How are we going to explain this one? He does not listen. It was so noisy there that I couldn't make myself heard. Either way is fine. The new contract enables us to demand whatever we want. Ready for November? I cannot recall anything else at this time.